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Available Software for Unzipping Geogad Zipped Downloads

Geogad Mobile Tours and Geogad sample tours download in a compressed or zipped file to improve file download times and to assure that all of the media files of the Geogad Mobile Tour arrive on your computer in a single, easy-to-use file. The downloaded zipped file, whose file name ends with a .zip extension, should be unzipped and loaded into the library for your media playaer. Please check the instructions for your media player for the correct loading method for your player.

There are several ways to unzip the downloaded zip file. Windows-based computers come with file unzip software preinstalled. Just select the file and right-click the option [Extract All...].

If your computer does not come with compression software, there are a variety of programs that you can download off the web. One popular program is called Winzip, and you can download a free evaluation copy.

Most Macs come with StuffIt, a compression program that opens zip files. If you don't have a compression program on your Mac, you can download a variety of free compression programs for Macs off the web including a free evaluation copy of StuffIt.