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Jack the Ripper's London
United Kingdom

In the summer of 1888, an unknown killer called Jack the Ripper brutally murdered at least four women and proved that an unprepared Scotland Yard was no match for him. Newspapers spread the details of the murders from a new type of killer, the serial killer, around the world. Some have said that the blade of Jack the Ripper brought forth the modern age and destroyed the veil of indifference that hide the suffering of the poor of London. This tour shows you the locations of six murders that may have been committed by Jack the Ripper. During the tour, you can also learn about Jack's victims and what life was like for them and others in the East End of London during the golden reign of Queen Victoria, when England's empire was at its height of wealth and power. The tour also lists the most popular suspects for Jack the Ripper, both then and now.

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