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New Orleans French Quarter

New Orleans, Louisiana

This tour includes:

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Image of New Orleans French Quarter

About this tour

New Orleans French Quarter is the oldest part of New Orleans and was the site of the original French city that was founded in 1718. It unique geography as the last major port on the Mississippi River assured its rise to become a large, successful city. As a major port city, New Orleans has been influenced by the blending of dozens of cultures to become one of the most interesting and complex cities in the United States. Let Geogad explain how the influences of Native American, French, Spanish, Caribbean, Creole, Cajun, African, and American combined to make this unique city. For more info on French Quarter local events, check out Experience New Orleans.

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mariutsu had this to say:

Oh, I love it! Wish there were more in this series, like the haunted house, the preservation hall, and even the cemetery.