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Retrieving Forgotten Password

If you forget the password for your Geogad account, the "hint" that you created when you created your account is available for you to view.

To view your password hint

  1. Click the "Log In" link in either the top or the bottom of any Geogad web page.
  2. Type your email address or nickname.
  3. Click the "Forgot password?" button.

Your password hint is now displayed. If you remember what your password is now, enter it in the box labeled "Password" and click the "Log In" button. Please remember that your email address, nickname and password are case-sensitive.

If you still cannot remember your password after viewing your hint and checking that the Caps Lock key on your keyboard is off, you can reset the password to your Geogad account.

To Have Your Password Reset

  • Enter your email or nickname.
  • Click the "Forgot password?" button.
  • The "Reset password" button is now visible.
  • Click the "Reset password?" button.

An email will be sent to you containing your new password. The next time that you log in, you will be asked to change your password.


  • You are required to enter your email address or nickname in order to reset your password. The email address or nickname that you enter has to be the one associated with your Geogad account.
  • As a security measure, you cannot request that your Geogad password be sent to any email account other than the one associated with your Geogad account.