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Download Difficulties

Geogad downloads may not be compatible with many download managing / acceleration programs such as Netscape's SmartDownload, GetRight, and Go!Zilla. If you are experiencing download problems and are using one of these products, you should disable it and check if you can successfully download your tour(s).

Another possible cause of download difficulties is that your Internet browser may disable automatic downloads to prevent damage from spyware and hacker threats. For example, the latest versions of Internet Explorer (Windows XP Service Pack 2) pop up a little yellow bar at the top of the screen that informs you a download has been blocked. To continue the download, you can right-click that bar (called an information bar), and select [Allow this download]. Once you do that, you'll see a dialog box that asks you to approve the download. Click [OK] or [Save] to download the Geogad zip file.

If there are still problems, you might try restarting your computer and trying the download again. Also check the size of your download. It may be too large for your network connection. If so, you may need to ask a friend or neighbor with a faster connection to download it and then transfer the files to your computer via removable disk e.g. ZIP or CDRW.

You might try clearing your cache and temp files.

If there are still problems, you might try adjusting your browser's security and cookie settings. If you have your security set high and are blocking cookies, this may cause a conflict with the downloads from the Geogad web site. You may need to temporarily lower your settings and/or change them to allow cookies.

If there are still problems, you might try adding Geogad as a trusted site in your browser security settings.

To add Geogad as a Trusted Site in Windows Internet Explorer 6.x and Above

  1. Under the Tools menu, click [Internet Options].
  2. Click the [Security] tab.
  3. Click the [Trusted Sites] icon.
  4. Click the [Sites] button.
  5. Add www.geogad.com.
  6. Make sure that the [Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone] is not checked.
  7. Click the [Add] button.

Another possible solution to download problems is that you might try updating your browser.

If there are still download problems, you might try adjusting other programs running on your system that may be conflicting. These possible conflicting programs would most likely be programs that monitors your computer and its activity while connected to the Internet, such as firewalls, anti virus, and "popup killers". You might try to temporarily disable such programs or modify their settings while you download from Geogad.

Another cause of download problems is that your network policies or administrator settings may be conflicting with the downloads. For example, you may be connecting to the Geogad web site from a company intranet or proxy server that limits access to certain websites or software. To resolve such issues, you would have to contact your network/ISP or system administrator.

The Geogad site may occasionally encounter transient network problems or other issues. Try visiting the site at a later time to see if the download problems are gone.