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Geogad roams the world with you.

Roaming the World

The name Geogad is a combination of two words, geo, which means Earth or world, and gad, which means to roam or wander.

Geogad makes it simple for people to use their mobile phones and MP3 players to learn more about the places that they visit without carrying heavy guide books or being tied to someones else's schedule.

Geogad Mobile Tours give busy travelers a quick, easy way for them to get more from their travel experiences with the mobile devices that they already carry with them. Geogad's products do not require hard-to-find hardware, proprietary software, special code numbers or software registration keys.


Geogad, Inc.
2010 El Camino Real #123
Santa Clara, CA 95050
United States
Phone: (408) 357-3213


Company Overview

Geogad is a private company based in California's Silicon Valley. Our goal is to help you explore your world and to make that exploration as fun and easy as possible. As a company, Geogad is changing the way that people travel.

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