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  • General FAQ

    General FAQ

    Q. What is Geogad?

    A. Geogad is an online tour distribution platform that allows anyone to view audio and video based tours of popular travel locations.

    Q. How do I take a Geogad Mobile Tour?

    A. You have a variety of ways to view the tours and individual tour stops. The quickest way is to stream the tours or tour stops using Adove Flash through your Internet browser. The second way to view the tours is to download the tour to a computer or other mobile device. Downloading the tour in advance is the best way to view the tour when you may not have an Intenet connection in the future, such as when you are mobile.

    Q. How are the tours formatted?

    A. Each tour consists of a number of individual tour stops that describe a particular location. Each individual tour stop is either video (MP4) or audio (MP3/JPEG) based.

    The video-based tour stop consists of a single MP4 file that has a 320px x 240px picture with a 64kbps mono audio track.

    The audio-based tour stops are made of a series of MP3 audio files. The MP3 files are formatted as mono 64 kbps. Each MP3 file has a JPEG photo embedded as album art.

    Q. Do I need a printed map for the tour?

    A. Geogad Mobile Tours include maps and directions as part of the tour. Every effort has been made to make the maps as clear as possible, but you may want to take a map with you.

    You can print a copy of the tour map from the tour's web page. The map is also included as a Adobe Acrobat file in the downloaded Geogad Mobile Tour.

  • Purchasing FAQ

    Purchasing FAQ

    Q. What if I don't have time to download my tour immediately after I buy it?

    A. Once you have purchased an ad-free Geogad Mobile Tour, you can download it any time in the future.

    Q. I don't want to buy a Geogad Mobile Tour unless I am sure that it will work for my media player. If I buy a tour and it does not run on my media player, could I get a refund?

    A. Geogad is unable to give refunds for electronic downloads. Instead, you can test your media player by downloading a sample tour. The sample tours will let you confirm which file format will work best for your MP3 player. Select a tour that you would like to buy and download its sample tour from its tour web page.

    Q. When I try to buy, I can't complete checkout because I am taken to the PayPal Welcome page, not the checkout page. How can I buy?

    A. The Netscape 8.x browser has difficulty rendering the checkout HTML code correctly. Earlier versions of the Netscape browser do not show this issue. You can fix the checkout process by changing the rendering engine that Netscape uses.

    To change the rendering engine in Netscape

    1. Click "View" in the top menu bar of Netscape.

    2. Select Rendering Engine/Display Page like Internet Explorer.

  • Technical FAQ

    Technical FAQ

    Q. What hardware and software do I need for a Geogad Mobile Tour?

    A. Geogad streams tours and tour stops using Adobe Flash. If you are having problems viewing these streams, try downloading the latest copy of Adobe Flash.

    Tours are downloaded to your computer in a single zipped file that contains all of the media files for the tour. You will need a program that can unzip this file. Read about Zip (or compression) software in the Help Center for more info.

    After the file is unzipped, the tour will need to be uploaded to your media player of choice. Each media player has its own way to upload files. Please read the instructions for your player.

    Q. When I add the Geogad Mobile Tour to the library on my media player, the short audio files are not included. How can I read in the short audio files?

    A. Some media players automatically exclude short audio files from the library. Try using the "Add Files" option instead of the the "Add Folder" option when adding new media files to your media player.

    Q. I am having problems downloading my tour. What do I do?

    If you have problems downloading your tour, please check Download difficulties in the Help Center.

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