Networking Tips

I gave a talk about networking opportunities in the Silicon Valley area. Many people liked the info and asked to get copies of the slides.

Slides: Networking Tips (pdf)


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This speech is just a short list of networking opportunities in Silicon Valley. Let me know what are your favorite networking opportunities that were not in the list.

Piracy Everywhere In Mobile

PirateIt has been a busy time for mobile app pirates. An Android developer found his pirated apps on the new BlackBerry app store. While this certainly points to the ease that pirates have in making their own illegal copies of Android apps, it does not mean that iOS apps are immune. The latest news about the iOS pirate app store, Hackulous, closing sounds like great news. But when you dig deeper into the story, you realize that the pirate store closed because a new pirate app store that makes it even easier to pirate iOS apps drove it out of business!

Mobile Still Not Reliable For Doctors

Mobile health apps are exploding. Last count on the iTunes store counts about 17k apps in the mobile health category. There are dozens of startups focusing on this area alone. However, doctors still love their rusty, trusty little pagers. Why? Because pagers are easy to use, and the wireless networks they run on are really reliable. Until mobile gets over that hurdle, doctors will be wary of the promises of mobile health startups.

Geogad’s New Tour of Amsterdam’s Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

Travelers to the center of Amsterdam have a new guide to show them the intimate side of Amsterdam. Since this Geogad Mobile Tour also includes Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District, we mean intimate. Travelers to Amsterdam, whether with boots on the ground or from their favorite armchair, can explore the corners of Amsterdam from the point of view of a local.

Geogad’s tour of Amsterdam’s Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll explores Amsterdam’s world famous Red Light District and also guides travelers to a side of this neighborhood that few traveler visit. This Geogad Mobile Tour begins at Nieuwmarkt, or New Market Square, and winds its way though multiple neighborhoods including Amsterdam’s Chinatown and the Zeedijk. Many of the individual tour stops are in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, which is a favorite of tourists. The tour explores how Amsterdam’s unique history has resulted in this district that is known throughout the world as the most visible example of Dutch tolerance. This tour also includes descriptions of how difficult it can be to maintain a balance between Amsterdam’s open, tolerant society on one hand and a safe, secure neighborhood for the average Amsterdamer. Several of the tour stops discuss how this district might change in the future as the local government works to maintain this delicate balance. The tour also contrasts Amsterdam’s worldly nature with changes in its religious views over time as the traveler is guided around several of Amsterdam’s churches. Travelers will see a new side to this popular destination in a few hours walk with an in-depth understanding as told from the point of view of a local Amsterdamer.


Travelers can purchase Geogad’s newest tour of Amsterdam’s Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll for $9.99 and access it across all of Geogad’s platforms including the web, the mobile web, and its Geogad Tours Android application.

Remember that what happens in Amsterdam…. stays between consenting adults.