The Cost Of Free Music

Ever listen to Pandora or another free streaming music service and wonder how they make money. Well, it is not easy as demonstrated when Pandora started to limit the amount of free music that they will stream to people over mobile. Streaming to your desktop is still unlimited. For each track, Pandora currently pays the music company $0.12, but the fee is scheduled to increase by over 15% to $0.14 in 2015. Ouch!

The most interesting part of the article for me was the amounts that Pandora is making with advertising, although the article, which was quoting from the original Wall Street Journal article, does not really qualify the lead.

A Pandora spokesperson told the Journal the firm would consider removing the new mobile usage cap if mobile advertising revenues continue to improve and help balance out listener hours. Ad revenue per thousand listener hours in the company’s third quarter reached $26.96 on mobile and $56.40 across devices.

Live Like A Goldman Sachs Banker

If you are touring in NYC, try living like a Goldman Sachs banker, at least for a few minutes. Goldman Sachs bought two upscale ferry boats that have finally started to transport people from Battery Park to Jersey City. Because they are using a public dock, the ferries are open to bankers and the public alike. For $6, you can travel with real Goldman Sachs bankers and maybe get some stock tips!

Networking Tips

I gave a talk about networking opportunities in the Silicon Valley area. Many people liked the info and asked to get copies of the slides.

Slides: Networking Tips (pdf)


Slide 1

Slide 2

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Slide 5

Slide 6

This speech is just a short list of networking opportunities in Silicon Valley. Let me know what are your favorite networking opportunities that were not in the list.

Piracy Everywhere In Mobile

PirateIt has been a busy time for mobile app pirates. An Android developer found his pirated apps on the new BlackBerry app store. While this certainly points to the ease that pirates have in making their own illegal copies of Android apps, it does not mean that iOS apps are immune. The latest news about the iOS pirate app store, Hackulous, closing sounds like great news. But when you dig deeper into the story, you realize that the pirate store closed because a new pirate app store that makes it even easier to pirate iOS apps drove it out of business!