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Needed Improvements to the Android Market

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Found two great pieces of info today. The first statistic explains part of the problem that Android developers are having monetizing their apps compared to their iOS compatriots. According to Fierce Mobile Content, which is quoting a research report from Allot Communications,

Apple’s App Store generates 84% of overall app store download traffic, while Google’s Android Market accounts for 13%.

If their numbers are even close to correct, it sounds like the Android Market has much work ahead of it.
But not all is bad in the Android Market. They are making slow but steady improvements. For example, a blog on the Android Developer web site says that the Android Market will now support multiple APK files. This is a huge advantage to developers such as Geogad. While Android will get better support of phones and tablets in the near future, the new Honeycomb layout is still difficult to support in Geogad’s current layouts. Its best bet will be to support one version for phones and a second for large screen tablets.

The question is will Google’s slow but steady way match Apple’s huge head start in mobile?

Android Market Gets Facelift

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Google has stepped up and responed to developers’s complaints about the format of app descriptions on the Android Market. As discussed before, the current dexcriptions from developers are limited by a few hundred words. Google is planning to add more descriptions and photos to help developers maket their apps. It will be a welcome change.